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Hi, I'm Shutian.

I'm a full stack developer based in Toronto.

I build

Other than being awesome, I having a B.A.Sc. in chemical engineering. After realizing how much I love to dive into all aspects of web design/development, I became a developer. I can design, implement, and test with Java (Spring, Hibernate/Spring boot) and JavaScript (Node, Express, React). I'm Familiar with HTML, CSS/Scss and vanilla JavaScript/JQuery. I have experience working with various databases/storage such as SQL(Oracle, DB2), Mongo and Redis. I also occasionally drop things onto the cloud and manage CI/CD.

I graduated from University of Ottawa in late 2016.

I started working at Scotiabank as a contractor in 2017. Hired as a Java developer, I'm developing and supporting on an existing internal application and working on the migration of legacy applications. I also took the initiative in UI/UX design where I designed a new look based on bootstrap and material design for the applicaion and implemented the new design for the new modules in the application. I also introduced Thymeleaf to the application to potentially replace jsp

In my spare time, I also work as a self-employed web designer/developer where I build websites for individuals and businesses. I also work on interesting web applications.

Jay Property Maintenance

Bootstrap, CSS, Express, nginx, responsive design, SEO

The redesign features responsiveness and AJAX. It was the first step of a rebranding process.


MongoDB, Redis, Node, Express, React, Scss (In Progress)

A task management application built with a MERN stack. Intuitive UI design for easier visualization of daily tasks. With a look and feel based on grid and material design, the web application is fully responsive. Developed on a complete Javascript stack.

THREE.js, webGL, React

A light, fun mini application that can be used by a busy developer to track the number of times they had been interrupted. A tracking system with analytics tool is coming soon to help the user count how many times they are bothered each day.