I graduated from University of Ottawa in late 2016 with a B.A.Sc. in chemical engineering. After realizing how much I love to dive into all aspects of web design and development, I became a developer.

I started working at Scotiabank as a contractor in 2017. I'm mainly developing on the support application for small business banking and working on the migration of legacy applications. I introduced Thymeleaf to the application to replace jsp. I also designed a new look based on Bootstrap and Materialize and implemented the new design for the new modules in the application.

While working at the bank, another team started considering to rebuild their client facing application with React. I helped them build React components and write unit tests with Enzyme and Jest. The team later successfully launched the product, which was the first React project for the bank's small business side.

I can design, implement, and test with Java (Spring, Hibernate/Spring boot) and JavaScript (Node, Express, React). I'm familiar with HTML, CSS/Scss and vanilla JavaScript/JQuery. I have experience working with various databases/storage such as SQL(Oracle, DB2), Mongo and Redis. I love linux and can write bash scripts and simple Python scripts.

I Also love to work with organizations of various discipline and different sizes to achieve their goals, by shaping even the smallest idea into amazing digital products.